RV and campground in Berea, Kentucky Picnic Time

Kentucky RV camping’s is the best way to enjoy outdoor camping. It will feel like a home away from home. There are many RV campgrounds in saand around in Kentucky. Many parks provide natural beauty that is unsurpassed but can be enjoyed in the comforts while sitting in your own vehicle. There many things to see and enjoy at the Kentucky RV. These include agriculture, agri tourism, and family tourism.

Agriculture: Kentucky has fantastic range of agriculture products. One can buy fresh produce and can even pick your own fruit like strawberries, apples, raspberry and more. Many of the Kentucky farms allow family and adults along with kids to make tours of the farm so that they can learn all about the agriculture. One can escape from the city and enter the Kentucky vineyard which has horse farms, river plantations, orchards and gardens, pumpkin patches and u – pick farms. One will not believe this but it is true. Kentucky has more farms per square mile than any other sestate in the U.S.

Fruit farms are perfect places for outings during the harvest season. Fruits like I had mentioned earlier like strawberries, apples, raspberry and more can be handpicked .There is also the wine farm where one can drive down and enjoy for a romantic getaway or a long relaxing drive. One of Kentucky’s oldest traditions is the horse farm where one can enjoy a horse ride or even work on the horse farm. Kentucky has the unique agritourisim with its pick your own fruit farms, horse farms and vineyards. One can spend the entire day picking apples or just visiting the local fruit market. It will be a occasion that the family will never forget fot a long time.

Family Fun:

Kentucky is a place of fun for the whole family. The kids will love to be all over the farm and everyone will find something new and exciting to do here. One caswn enjoy outdoor journeys through history and culture. The things that are available to enjoy are the train ride through the scenic mountains of Southern Kentucky and stop at the historic Blue Mining Camp. The whole family can hop on to a SUV pulled tram and enjoy the long drive which is an hour full of adventure. There is also the National Corvette museum. There are seventy corvettes in periodic settings or one can grab a souvenir at the Corvette souvenir shop or grab a bite at the café. The entire family can take a trip to the Rebecca Ruth Candy shop or even take a round of the factory which was started by two sisters Rebecca and Ruth. One can visit the River front Fountains which is an immensely popular water park. The park has two playing areas. The larger one has forty five jets of varying heights and that can go up to a height of fifteen feet while the smaller playing area has smaller jets of just two feet in tallness. The fountains overlook the Ohio River and have plenty of seating arrangement.